How to Share Battery on iPhone – A Full Guide

People are reported that they are arguing about one of the best mobile brands, Apple, the is has added sharing battery to the features of the iPhone. Do you want to know “How to share battery on iPhone”? I’m sure that is what brought you to this article.

Well, is sharing battery on iPhone even exist? You do not have to worry as far as you continue reading this article. This article will tell/show you if sharing a battery on iPhone exists or not. And if it exists, you may want to ask “How to share battery on iPhone“. We will also show you how to battery share on iPhone.

How to Share Battery on iPhone

Anyways, there are some smartphones that do not support the battery-sharing feature. But before we dive into how to share battery on iPhone, let’s quickly shed more light on how the power-sharing feature works on smartphones.

How Does A Smartphone Power Sharing Feature Work?

The power-sharing feature is a new feature that works on mobile phones, which allows a mobile phone to use its own battery to charge another mobile phone. This can not be used to charge a mobile phone only, but can also charge other devices such as Bluetooth devices and smartwatches.

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The feature might seem like magic but it’s not. It happens when a current passes through a coil of wire and moves closer to another coil. When this happens, it will make electromagnetic induction occurs.

Electromagnetic induction is the phenomenon working principle that makes power-sharing on mobile exist without the need for any wire or adapter. All you need to do to use the power-sharing feature to charge your device is to connect your device to another more-battery device, and they will exchange batteries by themselves.

Can you Share An iPhone battery? Can You Share the Battery With iPhone 11?

Many people usually ask this question because they are eager to know if they can battery-share iPhone devices. However, Apple has not added the feature to iPhone. That means it is not possible to share iPhone batteries, including iPhone 11.

Is it possible to transfer the battery from one iPhone to Another? Can you send battery life to another phone?

For now, iPhones do not have the feature that allows you to battery share from one iPhone to another. But the battery-sharing feature is available in some selected models of Samsung devices. This means that you can share the battery of only selected Samsung Galaxy models by using the wireless sharing feature.

Can Phones Share Battery?

As we mentioned above, you can share a phone battery wirelessly if the phone has the power share feature (Wireless reverse charging). The power share feature is available in some Samsung Galaxy models. This feature allows you to share one phone battery with another phone if they are both compatible.

Moreover, you can also share a Samsung Galaxy battery with other Samsung devices such as Galaxy watches and Galaxy Buds.

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What Phone Can Share Battery?

The power share feature is not available on any iPhone yet. Maybe Apple might consider adding this feature to the upcoming iPhones in the future.

However, the power share feature is available on Qi-certified devices such as Huawei P30 Pro and across a few Samsung models. Below is the list of the Samsung Galaxy models that can share a battery:

  1. Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra
  2. Note 10, Note 10 +
  3. Z Flip
  4. Fold
  5. S10e, S10, S10+

The feature is not available on all iPhones yet. So let’s keep hoping and waiting for Apple to release the feature.

How Does Battery Sharing Work on Samsung Galaxy Phones?

Battery sharing is a feature that let a phone share battery with another supported phone or device. The feature is available alone in all Samsung Galaxy smartphones that support Qi Wireless charging.

Follow this guide to share battery on Samsung Galaxy phones:

  1. Open your phone Settings application.
  2. Scroll to “Battery and device care” and tap on it.
  3. After that, tap on “Battery”
  4. Then tap on “Wireless power sharing” to toggle it on.
  5. Place the two devices back to back to connect with each other.

Note: Make sure you place the device to be charged in the center of the other device. This will allow both devices to have their charging coils aligned.

Does iPhone Have Wireless PowerShare? Can you AirDrop Battery?

No iPhone presently has Wireless PowerShare. And you can not AirDrop the battery. AirDrop feature in iPhone even means the feature that allows you to transfer data and files wirelessly from one Apple device to another.

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How to Share Battery on iPhone 11, 12, or 13?

You can not share batteries on iPhones because the battery-sharing feature is not available on iPhones, including iPhone 13. Probably, Apple might add a feature that allows sharing batteries in the feature upcoming iPhones.

As we mentioned before, the feature that allows you to share batteries is only available in some Samsung Galaxy and Huawei smartphones.

Can You Share A Battery on iOS 14 and 15?

You can not. The battery-sharing feature is not available on iOS 14 and 15. However, if the battery-sharing feature is later available in future iOS versions, you can follow the below guide to learn how to share a battery on iPhone:

  • Open the Setting app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on “Battery”
  • You should see the power-sharing option when you tap on “Battery”. So toggle it on.

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Where is Wireless PowerShare Located?

Wireless PowerShare is located in the Settings app. To quickly open it, swipe down your device screen from the top using your two fingers. Tap on the setting icon. And click “Battery” to locate the Wireless PowerShare.

How to Enable Wireless Charging?

To enable wireless charging, open your smartphone Settings > Device Care> Battery > Charging. However, this is for Samsung Galaxy devices. Other devices might differ from this. But you will find it in your Setting if you are using any other device than Samsung Galaxy.

Can I Battery Share on iPhone 13?

No, you can not battery share on iPhone 13. The battery-sharing feature is not available on iPhone 13. However, you can battery share some Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S21, Google Pixels 5, and a few Huawei smartphones.

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