How to Increase Your iPhone Security [4 Quick Ways]

How to Increase Your iPhone Security

In a world where most people cannot function as efficiently as they want without immediate and constant access to their mobile device, it is no surprise that concerns over privacy and data theft are common. Each year, malicious hackers are finding new ways to break into mobile phones in order to access a user’s data. … Read more

iPhone Unavailable? 2 Easy Solutions to Fix it!

iPhone Unavailable

Could you not remember your iPhone passcode, and you entered the wrong passcode? Are you getting iPhone unavailable error? This article will guide you on how to solve iPhone unavailable errors! [ez-toc] Your iPhone is unavailable because you enter the wrong passcode. Maybe you forget, or you mistakenly enter the wrong passcode. This article will … Read more

How to Share Battery on iPhone – A Full Guide

How to Share Battery on iPhone

People are reported that they are arguing about one of the best mobile brands, Apple, the is has added sharing battery to the features of the iPhone. Do you want to know “How to share battery on iPhone”? I’m sure that is what brought you to this article. Well, is sharing battery on iPhone even … Read more