iPhone 13 Pro Max Overheating? 13 Tips to Easily Fix It

Is your iPhone 13 Pro Max overheating, and do you want to solve the problem? This article will provide you with the best ways to fix the issue.

Many iPhone 13 Pro Max users are experiencing physical overheating in their smartphones; many complain about it and want to know how to resolve the problem. If you are one of them, you are reading the right article.

Generally, overheating of a smartphone could cause damage to the device. Users could be afraid of using such a device since it can cause damage to their device; the feeling of losing their saved data is not that good.

Why Does iPhone 13 Pro Max Heat Up?

It is normal for iPhone 13 Pro Max to warm up when switched on; there is no way to avoid this, and you should not worry about it. You should only worry if it overheats because the heat might affect the performance of your device.

What usually causes iPhone 13 Pro Max to heat up is running some apps, such as a game requiring a lot of central and graphics processing units from your device. In this case, both housed in a central system on a chip will require more power to function, and as a result, they will be warmed up.

Why Does iPhone 13 Pro Max Overheat?

An iPhone Pro Max usually does not overheat because it is well-designed to handle high temperatures. So if your device is getting overheated, you should worry about it. But do not get overly worried. This post will share tips to reduce or even stop the overheating issue.

Among what causes iPhone 13 Pro Max to overheat is streaming for a long time. Streaming means your device has to load content and keep the display working. If this happens for a long time, your iPhone could generate heat.

Another thing that can cause your iPhone 13 Pro Max to overheat is if you are downloading a lot of apps at the same time while using your device. Doing a lot of tasks on your iPhone at the same time is the quickest way to cause it to overheat. This is so because the device hardware will be overloaded and generate more heat.

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Leaving your iPhone in direct sunlight or leaving it in a place where the temperature is high such as an oven, is another external cause of overheating for your device. Please move your iPhone away from such locations.

How to Avoid iPhone 13 Pro Max Overheating

Follow the below tips to fix your iPhone 13 Pro Max overheating issues.

1. Charge your iPhone properly

There are proper ways to charge your iPhone, below are the proper and improper ways to charge your device.

i. Make sure you do not over-charge your iPhone 13 Pro Max. Over-charging does cause phones in general to explode, as the device could generate heat when charged for a long time. It is advisable to charge your iPhone up to 70 to 80 percent during the day and fully charge it at night.

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ii. Make sure your iPhone is naked while charging it, do not cover it with a case. Charging your iPhone with its case on could also cause your iPhone to heat up. It is also advisable not to place your iPhone on a hot surface while charging because it will trigger the heat generated by the battery, but place it on a cool hard surface.

iii. Do not leave your device in direct sunlight while charging. This is one of the quickest ways to trigger your iPhone 13 Pro Max overheating issue. You should find a better place to charge your iPhone instead.

iv. Last, do not use your iPhone while charging. Using your iPhone 13 Pro Max while charging it could raise the temperature. Please restrain from using your iPhone while charging.

2. Keep your iPhone in a cool, sheltered place

As stated above, leaving your iPhone in direct sunlight for a long time can cause it to heat up, but not that, it could also damage your iPhone battery and screen. Avoid putting/placing your iPhone in tight hot places such as a tight pocket. It would be better if you put it inside a handbag instead.

If you live in a room where sunlight reflects in, or you work in a place where there is no shelter, try to keep your iPhone off the sunlight.

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3. Switch off the Background App Refresh

Background app refresh is an iOS feature that lets apps update in the background even when the apps are closed so that the newest content awaits you when you open the app. This feature takes battery life and could cause your iPhone to heat up. Go to your settings app to turn off the background app refresh.

4. Power saving

Avoid multitasking on apps that require a lot of power processing, do not watch videos or play games for a long time, try not to turn Bluetooth except if necessary, and use Wi-Fi only if it is stable on your iPhone 13 Pro Max. Ensure you follow these to prevent or manage your iPhone 13 Pro Max overheating.

5. Get naked

An iPhone case could be the cause of overheating; a case can trap heat emitted from the handset. So try as much as possible to avoid the case or expose the body to the air if your iPhone gets hot and you want to cool it off.

6. Update your apps

Updating your app could solve your iPhone 13 Pro Max heating issue. Some apps can be buggy, and this kind of app can cause your iPhone 13 Pro Max to heat up. So, updating your applications can help. And if you notice that your iPhone starts heating up when you install an app, do well to uninstall the app to determine if the app is the cause of overheating.

7. Install any available iOS updates

Updating your iPhone 13 Pro Max to the latest iOS can be very helpful in solving the overheating issue. Updating your iPhone is not only to get the latest feature. The latest iOS contains bug fixes and improvements related to software and battery. So, updating your device iOS to the latest version is one of the steps you should try.

8. Disable location services

Disabling location services can also help to solve your iPhone overheating problem. Head to Settings> Privacy > Location Services to disable your iPhone location service.

9. Check your charger if your iPhone 13 Pro Max is getting hot when charging

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If you observe that your iPhone 13 Pro Max is getting hot while charging, you should check your charger. Try using an Apple-certified charger for your iPhone because a cheap charger purchased from a third party can be defective and damage your device’s battery.
However, if you are using an Apple-certified charger, in this case, try to use another charger to know certainly if the charger is the cause of overheating.

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10. Deam the brightness of your iPhone’s screen.

Try to deam your iPhone 13 Pro Max brightness if you often keep it on high or maximum. High brightness requires more battery, so keeping it deam can also minimize the strain on your battery.

11. Force restart your iPhone

A force restart stops the power going to the hardware from the battery, which will allow us to reset your iPhone hardware. You should force restart your iPhone 13 Pro Max if you have tried the above solutions.

12. Back your phone up to iCloud and do a Factory Reset

iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud-computing service from Apple Inc. This service helps securely store your data, such as photos, notes, passwords, files, etc., in the cloud and automatically keeps it up to date. iCloud also makes it easy to share data with friends and family.

So, before a factory reset, make sure you back up your iPhone to iCloud so you will not lose your data. Read more about iCloud here.

13. Apple Repair

If a factory reset and the above solutions did not resolve your iPhone 13 Pro Max overheating issue, then something is likely wrong with your device’s internal mechanisms. In this case, please take your iPhone to the nearest Apple store so they can help you determine the root cause of the issue.


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