Welcome to PST-Algerie About Us page! The content of this page describes who are we and what we do on this site. Kindly check the below paragraphs if you care about knowing about us.

What do We Do at PST-Algerie?

PST-Algerie, which is accessible at https://pst-algeria.org, is an organization blog website that focuss on creating top-notching insurance related blog post.

We write various topics that are related to insurance; these topics mostly focus on enlightening people about what they might not be aware of in insurance. This means that we make people know more about insurance.

What is Our Aim at PST-Algerie?

Our aim is to give the most accurate answer to the questions that our readers are looking for. But not only that, we don’t also want this website to be boring place for our visitors; we do aim to keep our readers engaged with our well researched articles.

To achieve this, most of our blog posts mostly entails a relevant image(s), and some times video(s).

Another thing about us is that we make the content of this website accessible to everyone, at any time, and at free of charge.

Who are Those that Manage this Website?

We have various admins, web developers, and moderators/publishers that work behind this website. Our admins, web developer, and moderators includes:


Mr Sa’ad
An admin in charge of some technical works; also respond to messages we received on this site.

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Doc Abdullah
A retired civil servant with a Doctorate degree and that had worked with an insurance company for many years. Doc thoroughly review our articles before been published.

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Mr John
An expect WordPress developer with 5 years experience. Mr John works with his team members to take this website to the next level.

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Mrs Gloria
A publishers with a great writing skills. Mrs Gloria has some other team members that provide quality contents on this website.

Well, you might still need to know other certain things about us. If you do, pls reach out to us via our Contact Us page. Thanks!

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