5 Famous Celebrity iPhone Cases You Can Recreate

We love to think that celebrities are just like us. Yet, we thrill every time a style icon or movie star steps onto the red carpet with an accessory that feels out of reach.

Those multi-million dollar handbags and designer shades may not be obtainable to someone who doesn’t rock a mansion-level salary, but don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to emulate your favorite superstar in a way that doesn’t break the bank.

One easy way to upgrade your look to VIP? Recreate your own version of famous celebrity iPhone cases! Despite their ability to jet-set all over the world and call up a butler on demand, these luminaries still stay connected the same way we do — via smartphone.

Today, we’re sharing a few well-known celebrity phone cases, and how you can make the look all your own. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!

1. The Monogrammed Chaos Phone Cover

One of the hottest, most in-demand fashion accessories to hit the scene in recent years? It isn’t the Celine glove shoe or Dior J’adior chainlink purse.

It’s the Chaos phone cover, and it’s sparked quite the frenzy.

The premise is simple. It’s a solid-colored leather case with two bright and bold initials. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated, and nothing ornate.

Yet, it’ll set you back more than $200.

The good news? You can replicate this look with only a few clicks by designing your own custom phone case.

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Choose a background color that matches your personal style, then add your first and last initial in a large serif font and you’re done! No one will be able to tell you didn’t shell out hundreds for your eye-catching design.

2. The Fuzzy, Fur-Tastic Phone Case

We know celebrities adore their pets.

Following her daughter Stormi’s first birthday in February 2019, Kylie Jenner adopted a new puppy  named Wesley. The tan-and-black pup looks both cuddly and adorable!

It also brings to mind a phone case Jenner was recently snapped  carrying. Both Kylie and her big sister Kim adore their Wild and Woolly celebrity phone cases. Adorned with colored faux fur, these are a step up from the sleek and slick phone cases we’re used to seeing.

For the majority of us, they’re also a bit impractical. They’d collect dust and debris, get stuck in our purse zipper and take up way too much space in our bags.

A more cost-effective and practical alternative? Create a custom photo phone case with a picture of your beloved pooch instead! This way, you have all the bark without any of the bite.

3. The Geometric, Polka-Dotted Case

When they want to keep their look simple and let their outfit take center stage, many celebrities reach for the same case. From Bella Thorne to Ashley Greene, female fashionistas seek out the same accessory that’s both understated and practical.

It’s a snap-on leather version from Ullu that runs around $200.

Available in a range of colors including mustard yellow, violet, and crimson, the leather case is fuss-free. Yet, it turns heads thanks to rows of tiny, three-dimensional dots in the same hue.

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While the look is unique, the price tag can be hard to swallow.

Get the look for less by designing a phone case that features a geometric accent. Choose a solid color or get imaginative with a pattern.

From rows of polka dots that mimic the pricier Ullu, to diamonds, stripes, and zig-zags, let your creativity reign!

4. The Transparent Floral Case

Gwen Stefani may be the queen of cool with her hip ska-pop records, but she’s still a girly girl!

The proof is in her hand. Photographers captured her holding a silver phone case adorned with a transparent, floral overlay that featured seven oversized black and yellow daisies.

You don’t have to sell millions of records to look like a million bucks.

When customizing your phone case, opt for a pre-designed floral motif! Scan through the options and find one that fits your fancy. From daisies and pansies to roses and daffodils, you can ring in the summer in style. Pair your case with some bright red lipstick and you’ll bring plenty of Stefani vibes!

5. The Bold “Queen of Everything” Case

Expletive aside, Mama Jenner knows how to get a point across. Her favorite “Queen of Everything” case  gets her plenty of attention everywhere she goes.

Want to generate a similar buzz, but with a different sentiment? It’s easy to do.

As you design your custom phone case, stick with a solid background (Jenner’s is black) and opt for a light-colored font that will stand out. Then, add any text you can think of, making sure it fits within the dimensions.

From silly and sweet to poignant and serious, anything goes.

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Celebrity iPhone Cases For Every Budget

We’re a culture obsessed with and intrigued by Hollywood glitz and glamour. Yet, we’re also practical, tech-savvy and budget-conscious, to boot.

On our quest to live the high life on a dime, there are plenty of ways we can copycat the fashions of our favorite stars.

These celebrity iPhone cases ooze style and are easy to replicate. The best part? They look as good as the real thing, if not better.

When you’re ready to design your own, we’d love to help. We offer customizable phone cases that you can tailor to match any look.

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