Christmas Gumdrop Nougat Candy

Christmas Gumdrop Nougat Candy

Perfect for the holidays, this Christmas Gumdrop Nougat Candy is a simple, no-bake dessert. Ideal as a handcrafted present.

Written by Jo-Anna Rooney

Twenty-five minutes for preparation

Time to Refrigerate: Two Hours

2 hours 25 minutes in total


  1. Two tablespoons of butter
  2. Two bags of white chocolate chips (225 grams) (AVOID USING Chipits.)
  3. Two packs of small marshmallows (250 grams)
  4. 1/2 cup chopped red and green gumdrops (purchase information is provided in the notes section below)


  • Line an 8-by-8 square baking dish with parchment paper to prepare it.
  • Slice each gumdrop in half. Put aside.
  • Over indirect medium heat, melt the butter, white chocolate chips, and marshmallows together. In order to accomplish this, I place a heatproof bowl over a pot of gently simmering water, creating a double boiler (ensure the bowl and pan fit snugly together). This guarantees that the mixture
  • Stir the mixture constantly until it becomes smooth and melted together, being careful not to boil or fry it—melt is the desired consistency. See the post’s advice up above!
  • Take off the heat.
  • Give it a couple of minutes to cool.
  • Add the gumdrops and stir. Blend thoroughly.
  • Transfer the blend into the ready pan.
  • Since the mixture will be extremely sticky, I spread and pat the mixture into the pan using a piece of parchment paper or wax paper that has been lightly oiled.
  • Before chopping, refrigerate for at least two hours—better yet, overnight.
  • Cut into 60 pieces that are bite-sized.
  • To prevent the candies from sticking together when storing, place parchment paper between the layers.
  • Savor this recipe for nougat.
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Tips for  Recipe:

  • A Guide to Crafting Nougat Candies Regarding melting butter, white chocolate chips, and marshmallows together, I’ve been asked a lot of questions.
  • Since it’s much harder to burn the mixture with indirect heat, I prefer to utilize the double boiler approach. Since the mixture is sticky and takes a while to melt, many people found this procedure difficult.
  • Even though I am aware of that, I believe this is the superior approach. All you need to do is keep stirring and be patient

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