Cumin cheese bread

Cumin cheese bread

While the shops offer good prices for caraway cheese, we bake delicious breakfast cheesecakes.

When you offer this warm, freshly baked No Knead Cumin Cheese Bread to your guests and family, watch as their faces light up with surprise. They will be amazed by this delicious bread that looks artisanal. The most difficult aspect, in my opinion, is waiting for the dough to rise overnight. Rest is simple. Enjoy creating this! Get your significant other or children involved, and believe me when say that this recipe is nearly impossible to mess up!


  • 200 g of curdled skim milk
  •  Two egg whites or 80 grams of egg white
  •  45 g of whole grain flour (I use corn; the quantity varies based on the curd’s moisture level).
  •  Baking powder, 1 teaspoon
  •  Provence spice and herb salt
  • 100 g of curdled skim milk
  •  200 g (10%) of cumin cheese
  •  Eighty grams of egg white
  •  40 grams of scallops
  •  Add salt as needed.


  1. Egg whites, flour, baking powder, herb salt, Provencal herbs, and creamed milk cheese are combined to form kneaded moist dough.
  2.  Place the dough on tray and shape it into round, rimmed baskets using your damp hands.
  3.  Place egg whites, chopped onions, and grated cheese in the center along with crushed cottage cheese.
  4.  Place in the oven and cook for about twenty minutes.
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