Restaurant-Style Chicken Breast Delight

Elevate your dining experience with our delectable and visually stunning restaurant-style chicken breast! It’s a treat for the senses! πŸ˜‹


– 3 chicken fillets, cut as shown
– Salt and pepper
– 1 teaspoon paprika
– 1 tablespoon tomato sauce
– Oil
– 5 potatoes
– Hot water
– 1 teaspoon salt
– 1 onion
– 1 pepper
– Fennel
– Baking paper sheets
– 100g mozzarella cheese
– Rosemary sprigs

For the Cucumber Dill Sauce:

– 2 tablespoons white yogurt
– 1 tablespoon mayonnaise
– Dill
– 1 clove of garlic
– 1 grated cucumber
– Salt and pepper


1. Season chicken fillets with salt, pepper, paprika, and tomato sauce. Set aside to marinate.

2. Heat oil in a pan over medium-high heat. Sear the chicken fillets until they’re golden brown and cooked through. Set aside.

3. In a pot, add potatoes, hot water, and salt. Cover and cook for 10 minutes until the potatoes are partially cooked. Drain the water.

4. In the same pan used for chicken, add more oil. SautΓ© sliced onion, sliced pepper, and fennel until they soften. Season with salt and pepper.

Prepare baking paper sheets and layer the following:

– A layer of partially cooked potatoes
– SautΓ©ed onion, pepper, and fennel mixture
– Chicken fillets on top
– Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese and rosemary sprigs.

6. Bake at 180Β°C (356Β°F) for 30 minutes until the chicken is tender and the cheese is golden brown.

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For the Cucumber Dill Sauce:

– In a bowl, combine white yogurt, mayonnaise, finely chopped dill, grated garlic, and grated cucumber.
– Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Serve the chicken breast with the refreshing cucumber dill sauce on the side.

😍 Enjoy the restaurant-quality taste and presentation of this culinary masterpiece!

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