Discover the Magic of a Succulent Beef Roast Pot!

Baby Carrots
1 Potato
3 tablespoons Creole seasoning
1 tablespoon black pepper
2 tablespoons onion powder
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon celery flakes
1 tablespoon Parsley
1 cup water
Chop Potato and Carrots
Beef roast- season with ingredients and Pan Sear on Stove top skillet
-place in casserole dish
– add cup of water
-add more Creole seasoning to liking and cover with foil
Bake at 350 temp for 2 1/2 hours
– remove foil – add Carrots and Potato
-place back in oven and bake uncovered for additional 30 minutes or to liking
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