The Easiest Air Fryer Pizza

The Easiest Air Fryer Pizza

Try this simple air fryer pizza recipe for your next pizza night! These individual pizzas are really tasty and simple to personalize with our preferred toppings, and they’re ready to be served in only ten minutes.,

In our home pizza night is usually a fun occasion! These air fryer pizzas are really easy to modify and produce. Additionally, children might easily help make them.

For a hearty and tomatoey base, use my go-to No-Cook Pizza Sauce. Then, pile on plenty of stringy mozzarella cheese and your preferred toppings. So tasty and so simple! Alternately, fold these and make air fryer calzones.

How to make air fryer pizza

Preheat the air fryer to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the meantime, make your pizza by lining an air fryer with parchment paper for the pizza dough. This facilitates the pizza’s entry and exit from the air fryer.


  1. Add some pepperoni
  2. a pineapple
  3. Bell Peppers
  4. fungi
  5. Ground Warfare
  6. taters
  7. Sausages
  8. Cooked Chicken Shreds

Notes Advice for Recipes:

  • For this dish, you can use homemade dough or prepackaged crust from the shop. If your homemade dough calls for prebaking the crust, put the dough in the air fryer and cook for three minutes at 400 degrees.
  • Then take off the crust, add the sauce, cheese, and toppings, and cook for further four to five minutes at 375 degrees until the cheese is bubbling and melted.
  • I cover my pizza with a rack to prevent the toppings from flying everywhere. Cook the pizza without a rack, but check halfway through to see if the toppings have shifted.
  • Just put them back on the pizza and keep cooking if they have.
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