Popcorn In The Air Fryer (Easy Recipe)

Popcorn In The Air Fryer (Easy Recipe)

The whole family will enjoy this easy air fryer popcorn recipe, which is really simple to make. It’s a terrific substitute for movie theater popcorn because it’s lower in fat and calories and more healthier.

People of all ages adore popcorn, which is a traditional, simple snack. When made with significantly less oil and hot air, it’s tasty, nutritious, and simple to make.


However, using conventional stovetop or microwave ways to make popcorn can be messy and time-consuming. This is where the air fryer comes into play; it’s a quick and simple method to consistently generate crispy, fluffy popcorn.


  • 1/4 cup plain popcorn kernels
  • Sea salt
  • 1/4 cup melted butter


  • To create popcorn in an air fryer, just add 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels to the foil-covered air fryer basket (note: make sure the foil doesn’t cover the entire basket; refer to the directions photo for clarification). For even popping, make sure the kernels are distributed in a single layer.
  • After closing the basket, turn the temperature down to 400°F. It will take around three minutes for the kernels to pop.
  • Give it 7-8 minutes to cook.
  • Turn off the air fryer and leave it for a minute to let any leftover kernels to pop after the popping calms down.

When your popcorn from the air fryer is finished, you can top it with your preferred toppings and seasonings, such butter, salt, nutritional yeast,or even cinnamon sugar. You can also get creative with different flavor combinations, such as garlic and parmesan, ranch seasoning, or spicy chili powder.

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