Patties made of potatoes are superior than pizza. Simple and inexpensive recipe

This recipe for potato patties is going to steal the show, so forget about pizza for a while. These potato patties are not only easy to make but also inexpensive, and they are really tasty. They are made with basic ingredients and are bursting with flavor. This recipe will quickly become a favorite in your kitchen since it can be used as a snack, a side dish, or even as a main meal due to its versatility.

Ingredients: The primary components include:
There are three huge potatoes.
Onion, one
Flour of three tablespoons
One egg
Season with salt (to taste)
To taste, pepper; pepper
Oil made from vegetables (for frying)
There are two tomatoes.
100 grammes for cheese
There is a clump of sweet onions.
Sherry herbs from Italy (to flavor)
Chili pepper from the ground (to taste)
A slew of dill leaves
Regarding the Sauce:
Thirty tablespoons of sour cream
Garlic, three cloves
A little bit of salt
Details to follow:
To begin, prepare the potatoes by: Peel and grate the three potatoes that are big. After the potatoes have been shredded, place them in a basin and fill it with water. Allow them to sit for a whole minute. To remove any extra moisture from the potatoes, drain them and then compress them to remove the water. This process guarantees that the patties will be crisp and will not go soggy.

Second, combine the ingredients by chopping the onion into small pieces and adding it to the potatoes that have been grated. To the potato mixture, a total of three tablespoons of flour, one egg, salt, and pepper should be added. In order to blend, thoroughly mix. The flour and egg contribute to the formation of a cohesive combination by helping to bind the elements together.

The next step is to cook the potato cakes. To do this, heat vegetable oil in a big frying pan over medium heat. Fill the pan with the potato mixture and shape it into little patties using a spoon. The patties should be fried until they have a golden brown color on both sides. Take it out and lay it on a platter lined with paper towels so that any extra oil may drain out. This procedure results in the patties having an outside that is wonderfully crunchy.

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To prepare the toppings, slice the tomatoes and grate the cheese. Continue with step 4. Reduce the spring onions to a finer grade. Both the ground chili pepper and the Italian herbs should be mixed together. Adding these toppings to the patties gives them additional levels of taste and texture.

5. Assemble the dish using the Ezoic method: On a baking sheet, arrange the potato patties that have been fried. A slice of tomato and a large quantity of grated cheese should be placed on top of each burger on the sandwich. The chopped spring onions, Italian herbs, and ground chili pepper should be sprinkled on top of the dish. During this stage, the patties are transformed into little “pizzas” garnished with colorful toppings.

6. Bake: Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit). Cook the prepared patties in the oven for about ten minutes, or until the cheese is melted and bubbling. By baking the meal, the tastes are brought together and the dish is finished off with a lovely cheesy flavor.

Ezoic’s seventh step is to prepare the sauce. The sour cream, the garlic that has been pressed, the finely chopped dill, and a sprinkle of salt should be mixed together in a small bowl. Combine thoroughly. The flavorful patties are further enhanced by the addition of this garlic-dill sauce, which has a creamy and tangy component.

8. Serve: Serve the potato patties while they are still hot, with the garlic-dill sauce that has been made on the side. Not only does the sauce improve the overall taste of the food, but it is also ideal for dipping with.

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Why These Potato Patties Are Superior to Pizza Crispy and flavorful, these potato patties. When grated potatoes and onions are combined and then cooked until they reach a golden brown color, a crispy foundation is produced that is not only fulfilling but also tasty.

In addition to being easy to prepare, this dish is very adaptable and easy to use. These patties are versatile enough to be eaten as a snack, an appetizer, a side dish, or even as a main attraction. In addition, it is simple and fast to create, and the components are ones that you probably already have in your kitchen.

This meal is loaded with nutrients since it is made with fresh potatoes, tomatoes, and herbs. It serves as a healthy and nutritious option. This pizza is a healthier alternative to typical pizza since it has less processed ingredients and more vitamins than traditional pizza.

How to Make the Best Potato Patties: Some Tips
Get Rid of the Excess Moisture: To ensure that the shredded potatoes have as little water as possible, be careful to squeeze them out. In order to get a crispy texture, this step is very necessary.

Make sure you don’t scrimp on the seasoning while using Ezoic Seasoning. It is possible to improve the overall taste of the patties by seasoning the potato mixture and toppings in the appropriate manner.

These patties are best eaten while they are still hot and fresh from the oven, so serve them as soon as possible. It is recommended to serve the dish as soon as possible since the crispy texture and melted cheese are at their peak.

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Serving Suggestions for a Snack: These potato patties are a delectable and satiating snack that you may serve to your guests. They are ideal for gatherings of a more informal nature, such as game nights, parties, or events.

When used as a side dish, the patties may be accompanied with grilled meats, fish, or a fresh salad to create a meal that is complete. They are a wonderful complementary addition to a wide range of major courses.

Enjoy these patties as a substantial breakfast choice. They are perfect for making breakfast. To ensure that you have a well-rounded supper, serve it with a side of scrambled eggs and fresh fruit.

The Positive Effects of Key Ingredients on Health
Potatoes are: Potatoes are a diverse and healthy food alternative that are abundant in vitamins C and B6, potassium, and fiber. They aid in the maintenance of intestinal health and give energy.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are rich in vitamins C and K, and they also include antioxidants such as lycopene, which helps to maintain a healthy heart and decreases inflammation.

Garlic: Garlic is well-known for its ability to strengthen the immune system, and it also contributes a powerful taste to the sauce and the patties.

Dill: Dill, which is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, imparts a taste that is both fresh and vivid to the sauce, and it also works to improve general health.

This recipe for potato patties is going to become a game-changer. It is a terrific alternative to pizza that your whole family will enjoy eating all together since it is simple to prepare and brimming with flavor. Put this recipe to the test right now and experience the scrumptiousness of potato patties that are cheesy and crunchy!”,,

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