Fire Crackers

Fire Crackers

These unexpectedly tasty crackers are a party favorite.

Time Spent: 10 minutes

Eight hours in total 25 minutes

11 dozen are produced. 

It’s time you learned about Fire Crackers, also known as Alabama Fire Crackers, if you’re searching for a quick but eye-catching appetizer for a crowd.

They are easy to understand. They taste great. Making these is really simple. Either bake them or don’t bake them, just be sure to give them a good shake.

Discover how to make fire crackers and find serving suggestions for these classic candies here.

Ingredients for Fire Crackers

In order to prepare these fire crackers, you’ll need:

  1. Crackers with saltine flavor: A normal package contains four sleeves.
  2. Powdered garlic
  3. Powdered onion
  4. Pepper, black
  5. Mixture of ranch dressing
  6. Flakes of red pepper

Olive oil:

  • The brand you like is Okay, but make sure you have enough of cups because we’re using several.

Methods for Making Fire Crackers

  • Here is the complete recipe for fire crackers, complete with measurements and all the components. Here’s a quick summary anyway.

Step 1:

  • Blend the oil Pour the spices, olive oil, and seasonings into a gallon-sized zip-lock bag. Once the contents are well combined, close the bag and give it another good knead.

Add the crackers in step two:

  •  To coat the crackers with the spice mixture, place them inside the bag, shut it again, and give it a few gentle shakes or turns. Expert advice: To achieve the best results, spin or shake the bag numerous times to better coat the crackers.
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Step3: Marinate:

  • Allow the bag to sit for the entire night.
  • Bake the crackers: After that, take them out of the bag and arrange them on baking sheet.
  • If preferred, bake them for approximately fifteen minutes at 250°F.
  • To cook all eleven dozen, work in batches.

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