No Bake Peanut Butter Eclair Cake

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No Bake Peanut Butter Eclair Cake Is it too hot to use the oven? Try creating this chocolate eclair cake with peanut butter that doesn’t require baking! Setup Time: fifteen minutes Further Time: Four hours Time Spent: Four hours fifteen minutes 20 servings are available. Ingredients 18 chocolate graham crackers and 1 box of vanilla … Read more

Cinna-Bun Cake Recipe

Cinna-Bun Cake Recipe Cinna-bun cake is a trend among the foodies these days. I love making them for my family and friends and it’s craved by all. I find it soothing to enjoy at home while reading a book or watching a movie. Once the cake is cooked through and has a gorgeous glaze on … Read more

Banana bread

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Banana bread Use those ripe bananas to find out why this recipe for moist and delicious banana bread is the most popular on Simply Recipes. This recipe for banana bread has remained at the top of Simply Recipes for almost a decade. Thousands of people succeed at it every day. Why? Because this is, without … Read more